Sunday, September 16, 2012

wisdom? why are we so afraid??????????

i couldn't find the united states here because i was looking at the blue graph bars, not the red one to the far left.  the ironic thing is that the next biggest spender would never go to war with us because then they would never get the trillions they have loaned us back and they would have no customers to buy all the cheap crap they manufacture that we don't need anyway.  europe is our friend and russia claims to be.  so is saudi a., brazil, japan, and israel etc.  so who are we defending against iran who spends about 1/10 of one percent as much as we do.  also who would be insane enough to invade us, the canadians as in michael moore's movie "canadian bacon"?    at the height of the vietnamese war there were more guns in los angeles than in vietnam.
a friend of mine has a cleaning woman with her husband and son has 53 guns.
between the fact that the only countries that have an effective supply line to the u.s.  are mexico and  canada (our friends) and the fact that we have so many  gun owners who would love to have an enemy to use them against; why are we so scared?????

bet they weren't thinking of all the things that make us unhappy, like filing taxes