Sunday, August 5, 2012

fire walking and the power of positive thinking, or not.

very interesting.

comments on fire walking which i have done successfully: 

 like most commentators on firewalking the author probably never did it. if there is a "simple secret" why doesn't he talk about his fire walking experience and why do some people get burned and others not.  at the yoga camp the fire was made from very large logs not coal.  other places they do it on very hot stone.  how do you step lightly? that is nonsense.  if you weigh 145 lb. as i did that is how much pressure is applied to the surface with one,s foot.  the quick step part makes some sense but in my walk some people were quick others slow.   i am sure that i was not in any sort of state of altered consciousness.  i sure as hell wasn't at any kind of peak state.   his suggestion that awareness meditation might have helped is true for the subjective experience of pain but not for the tissue damage and blisters.  whether one thinks of cool moss or hot coals, some get burned and others don't

i love the rest of the article.  finally my negativity, pessimism, and cynicism (or is it realism) are vindicated.  screw pollyanna, i'll bet on murphy every time. 

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